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Roofing Kerala Since 1998
Roofing Kerala Since 1998
Roofing Kerala Since 1998
Roofing Kerala Since 1998
Roofing Kerala Since 1998

Clay Point was established in 1998 as an independent single window Sales point compressing the Best ceramic clay roof tile manufacturer’s from Kerala and Karnataka, having over 150 years of tiles production expertise among them. All our Associated Members from Kerala are listed under the Kerala’s Best ceramic clay roof tiles Manufactures. The Company, which initially began as a manufacturer’s forum to promote the benefits of clay tiles, has now grown and became a fully fledged exclusive roof tiles trader.

We deal different type of Clay Roofing Tiles, Ceramic Roofing tiles, Terracotta Flooring tiles, Roofing Shingles , Terracotta Jali etc. As per the laid down norms with our member manufactures, We assure optimum quality production. We also strictly emphasize our manufactures on higher end automated production line, which is a true blend of both cutting-edge technology and century old Mangalorian clay manufacturing techniques, thus assuring you the top most Quality with a smart touch of Keralian Heritage.

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Why Clay Roofing Tiles ?

Clay roof tiles bring arctic and spirit to the appearance of a building.

Clay roof tiles are a natural and durable roofing product, which will enhance the aesthetic appearance of a roof.

Clay roof tiles can withstand the natural climatic elements and improve with exposure, adding to the ‘kerb appear of a home.

Clay roof tiles are a part of the Kerala’s architectural heritage and add to the beauty of the total built environment.

Clay roof tiles offer flexibility and choice whatever the style of building – either traditional or modern.

Clay roof tiles are ideal for both refurbishment and new build projects.

Clay roof tiles are a premium, quality and a cost efficient product.

Manufacturing Process of Clay Roof Tiles


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